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Your donation can help inspire new generations of under privileged students to achieve their goal of higher eduacation. With your support, we can encourage young dreamers and support their academic aspirations. Donate today and help us change the world, one student at a time.


You can deliver hope to a student aspiring to earn a college degree. Understanding that the R.C. Blakes, Sr. Scholarship is funded by businesses and individuals who believe in them will inspire recipients to always strive for greatness as a way of thanking the donors who are helping make their dreams a reality.


To be successful, R.C. Blakes, Sr. Scholars need to have the proper tools and supplies at their disposal. Whether its books required for their classes or calculators and iPads requested by their instructors, your donation will help ensure our scholars are prepared for class and beyond.


At a time when higher learning is more vital than ever, your support will help make higher education financially accessible for qualified, accomplished, and ambitious students. Support student success by helping students achieve academic growth and investing in a better future.

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