Graduating high school senior students are afforded the opportunity to apply for the RC Blakes, Sr. Scholarship. If approved, the student is granted the award over a period of four years. In order for the student to be considered and/or awarded the original scholarship, he/she must meet the scholarship criteria. To continue receiving the scholarship, students must also comply with continuing student requirements. In the event of denial due to an extenuating circumstance, students will be given the opportunity to submit an Exception Appeal.

Students will only be allowed to submit two (2) appeals requests over the duration of their four (4) year scholarship period. Appeals will be reviewed by an appeals sub-committee which includes four members from the scholarship committee, and one member of the ministerial staff. Appeals will be reviewed in a fair and equitable manner and in accordance with policy.

Students may file appeals based on any of the five (5) specified circumstances listed below or may choose to specify a circumstance that is not listed. The definition/explanation for each circumstance is also indicated below.

Appeal Deadline Date: August 30th
Please allow at least thirty (30) days for the evaluation of the Appeal’s Request.


Circumstances Definition/explanation of the Circumstances
Severe illness, medical condition or injury An illness, injury or accident which may require surgery, hospitalization or temporary disability.  Condition must be diagnosed by a Licensed Physician deeming the student incapacitated and unable to attend school (college courses) for a period of time.
Death of an immediate family member Death of the student’s parent, step parent, custodian (guardian), spouse, dependent, sister, brother, stepsibling or grandparent.
Traumatic life-altering event A documented circumstance occurring that causes psychological trauma to the student, causing severe stress which does not allow student to function effectively.
Grade Point Average (GPA) dropped below the requirement for the scholarship (the student must achieve the required GPA prior to applying for appeal) The student has dropped below the required GPA, not making Satisfactory Academic Progress, and became ineligible for scholarship; however, has continued to attend school, bringing the GPA back to the required level. Eligible for re-evaluation.
Military Deployment/Call to Active Duty The student in the U.S. Armed Forces or Reserves and is called to active duty status, or is performing emergency service with the National Guard, or enlists and enters on active duty as a member of the regular U.S. Armed Forces during a National Emergency declared by the President of the United States, or when the U.S. is engaged in armed conflict.
Other:  Please specify The student has exceptional circumstances, other than those listed above, which are beyond the student’s immediate control, which causes the rejection of the student’s original scholarship application or the necessity of full or partial withdrawal from enrollment.



  1. Any unethical act/conduct that is not in accordance to the word of God.
  2. A suspension or expulsion for misconduct.
  3. Substance Use/Abuse.
  4. Unaware of the deadline dates, application process or requirements.
  5. A first time application is submitted beyond June 15th of the student’s graduation year.
  6. In the event the student ceases enrollment and breaks continuous attendance without demonstrating extenuating circumstances.



  1. The student is still required to adhere to the conditions/requirements of the original scholarship.
  2. The scholarship award will be reinstated effective for the term following the appeals decision.
  3. The scholarship award will continue through the end date of the original four (4)-year scholarship, provided you maintain eligibility requirements, and will not exceed that time.


NOTE: In order to file an Appeal, ALL APPLICANTS must have an original RC Blakes, Sr. Scholarship Application, and all required documents in accordance with the Student Information Sheet on file.

Upon review of the appeal and supporting documents, the appeals sub-committee reserves the right to request additional documentation from the student.

The Scholarship Committee will notify the student (also referred to as applicant) of the appeals sub-committee’s decision. The decision of the appeals sub-committee is final.

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