• Aysha Gibson
    Aysha Gibson $5000 RENEWABLE SCHOLARSHIP ($20,000)

    Aysha Gibson, a lifetime member of New Home graduated with a 4.55 GPA from Academy of the Sacred Heart. Rather uniquely, Aysha created a knitting club at Sacred Heart where she taught fellow students how to knit scarves which they later donated to homeless shelters. Additionally, she volunteered her time with Miracle League where she helped disabled kids while on the honor roll. Most intriguing is that she was voted by her class a Mater which means mother most admirable. Aysha will be attending Notre Dame where she will study Pre-Med and desires to become a physician. Aysha could not be with us tonight because today she is attending a scholars program at Notre Dame, which began today and runs through takes place July 20th. Her mother however is here to deliver Asya’s statement of gratitude.

  • Neko Rojas
    Neko Rojas $2500 RENEWABLE SCHOLARSHIP ($10,000)

    Neko is a graduate of Brother Martin High School.  He will attend the University of New Orleans and will study Mechanical Engineering.  In his free time and in preparation for college Niko studies engineering and kinesiology.  His teacher describes him as a hard worker in the face of difficulty. She further described Neko’s demeanor as calm and respectful.

  • Toni Thomas
    Toni Thomas $1000 RCB Scholar Dreamers Award

    Is a graduate of  MLK Charter High School where she was on the AB honor roll for her four years in college. Her professional goal is  to attend Dillard University where she will study forensics.

  • Joshua Ekechukwu
    Joshua Ekechukwu $1000 RCB Scholar Dreamers Award

    Joshua is a graduate of Brother Martin High School where he was on the honor roll all four years. Joshua will be attending Louisiana Tech University where he will be majoring in Chemical Engineering.

  • Kendall Vining
    Kendall Vining $1000 RCB Scholar Dreamers Award

    Kendall is a graduate of Ponchatoula High where she has received ten different awards including all state academic excellence for two years, and all state first chair flute player.   Kendall’s ultimate goal is to become a Civil Rights Activist after obtaining her degree in English from Rice University.

  • Jadyn George
    Jadyn George $1000 RCB Scholar Dreamers Award

    Jayden is a graduate of Warren Easton High School where she worked hard and also received honor roll recognition.  She plans on becoming a pharmacist and will be attending Xavier University.

  • Byroente Henderson
    Byroente Henderson $1000 RCB Scholar Dreamers Award

    Byroente graduated from Cohen College Prep.  She is will be a first generation college graduate and she hopes to major in Pre-Med where she plans to become a doctor. Byroente will be attending Xavier University.

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